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    Our Specialised Saltfree Product.

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Environment Policy

We manufacturer dyes while taking full care of environment. We are dedicated to cultivating relationships with customers by providing quality products and solutions that match their needs in every respect of quality and productivity.

Quality Policy

We are dedicated towards customer satisfaction by delivering best quality dye stuff intermediates at competitive costs. Our manufacturing facility has testing lab for delivery of best dyes, solvent & pigments


At Arunaya Organics we manufacture pigments, dyes & solvent. We expertise in salt free dyes. Our manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad produces Dyestuff, solvent, pigments for industries like wood, textile, paper & leather. Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 certified.  We believe that quality, safety and environmental responsibility are the cornerstones that guide each of our employees in fulfilling their daily commitment to helping our customers reach new highs.

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